With any construction project, large or small, it’s always essential to get quotations from several different contractors to give you a variety of options.


But faced with a handful of varying quotations from different companies, how can you tell if they all include exactly the same specifications – are you really comparing like-for-like?


And how can you be sure that your preferred quotation actually contains everything you need, and you won’t be hit with any extra charges or delays caused by items or services that haven’t been planned in?


Let us take the guesswork out of choosing which quotation is the best, giving you peace of mind that you’re selecting the right contractor for the job.

At HillJet Construction Limited, we’re pleased to offer a comprehensive range of construction consultancy services, all stemming from our wide experience of working directly in the construction and refurbishment industries.

Our own expertise is supported by a wide network of specialist advisers, all experts in their own field.


These days, with the ever-increasing amounts of legislation and regulations governing all aspects of the construction industry, it’s virtually impossible for small businesses involved in construction and related services to keep on top of it all, without specialist professional help.


That’s where we come in. Find out more about our consulting services:


Professional Advice

Quotations Planning

Permissions Drawings

Building Control Applications

Building Surveys Damp Surveys

Asbestos Surveys

Party Wall Surveys

Mechanical & Electrical Surveys



We provide full architectural services on bespoke projects, i.e. CAD drawings and space planning, giving you guidance during the early stages of the planning. 


Our experienced and knowledgeable team can offer practical advice and workable solutions. 




There’s no doubt that the planning permission process is probably considered by most people to be the single most complicated and misunderstood part of any construction project.


Firstly, do you even need planning permission for your project? Planning laws vary greatly from area to area, and always seem to be based on such complicated criteria.


And once you’ve established that you do need to apply for planning permission, what’s the process? How long will it take? Can you do any ground clearing works before the permission is granted?

Let us take the mystery out of the planning permission process for you, saving you time, money and lots of uncertainty too.



Building control is very different from planning permissions in that it’s a process whereby completed building work standards are checked and approved by the local area building control body.

But just like planning permissions, it’s a very complicated process to understand and plan effectively into a construction project.


This is because a series of checks have to be done on completion of each stage, before crucial underlying work disappears from view.


We can provide ongoing assistance and help you every step of the way to ensure the various parts of the building control checks are scheduled in and carried out on time, allowing

the project to continue without delays.



Prior to purchasing any property, a building survey is by far the best way to find out what you’re buying and get a steer on the types of remedial work that might be needed in the short or long term.


There are plenty of companies out there who will happily undertake a building survey for you, and present you with the results in a substantial complicated report.


We’re different – yes, we’ll commission the building survey for you, but we’ll also give you the benefit of our wide experience by helping you to work through the survey results to really understand the implications and likely costs and timescales for any work that’s needed.




Similar to the way a building survey gets to grips with the structure of a property, mechanical and electrical surveys check the condition of the entire systems.


And as with building surveys, the results are so comprehensive and detailed, they can be really hard to understand unless you’re

an expert engineer.


That’s where we can help – we’ll arrange for a specialist engineers to complete your mechanical and electrical surveys, but we’ll also take the time to go through the results with you to establish exactly what work is required to make the systems safe, legal and modern - all of these to keep our planet green and reduce your bills.



Apart from new builds, virtually every building of any age, size or type can and will suffer from the effects of damp. A comprehensive damp survey will identify the source and location of any underlying damp problems in the property.


We’ll assist you by commissioning an appropriate damp survey for your property, and once it’s complete, we’ll help you to decipher whether any of the problems are minor and can be easily fixed, or whether there are more significant issues that need further exploration that could result in significant remedial work costs.



It’s a well know fact that asbestos was used in a wide variety of building materials used in the UK between the 1950’s and the 1980’s, but it has subsequently been discovered to consist of killer fibres. When it’s disturbed, for example during building works, the lethal fibres can easily become airborne - human exposure to these microscopic fibres can cause fatal lung cancers.


Anyone who’s responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a property that’s in the public domain, including rental properties, has a legal duty to maintain detailed asbestos survey reports, as well as ensuring you’ve got a robust asbestos management plan.


We can help you by commissioning a detailed asbestos survey for your property, and also assist with any remedial works

that may be identified as necessary.




Before undertaking any refurbishment or construction work in the vicinity of a party wall (i.e. any wall shared between your property and the next door property), a party wall survey may be required to set out the full details of the intended works.


It also ensures that appropriate indemnities and insurances are in place in favour of the owner of the adjoining property, and stipulates practical details like working hours and noise level limits.


If you’re planning a construction project in a property with a party wall, we can assist by confirming whether a party wall survey is in fact necessary, and if so, we can arrange the survey for you, so you can be sure everything is in place before you start work.

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